Rhodes Holidays

The Greek Island of Rhodes is not only the largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of our favoured holiday destinations, but it is also officially the sunniest which perfectly sums up the vibe of this amazing island.

The islanders love life on this ancient island and know they are truly blessed with the glorious scenery, sparking seas, forest glades and masses of colours that dash across the landscape, the open views being both pleasing to the eye and captivating to the heart.

Ancient buildings with their sense of history, Byzantine churches, countryside bejewelled with flowers, sleeping fishing villages and lively resorts all offer holidaymakers something more than just perfect beaches, they offer a holiday to remember in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Most people who visit Rhodes will travel as part of a package booked with a tour operator, these take all the work out of booking your holiday but can be somewhat restrictive with only a handful of hotels being offered by any one agent; freeing yourself from these shackles and booking independently will open up many more options and the opportunity to stay somewhere further from the tourist trail – car hire is recommended for the independent traveller in order to make the most of all the island has to offer.

The best hotels are often to be found in the old quarters of the towns, where architecturally interesting buildings have been restored and converted into boutique hotels; Avalon Hotel is a great example of this trend, set in the Medieval old town of Rhodes the six suites all have unique charm and character – the old and the new exist in perfect harmony and are perfectly in tune with the island and its beauty.

The hot summers in Rhodes lend themselves perfectly to the al fresco dining culture – taverna owners cooking local foods simply and yet perfectly, uncomplicated flavours of local herbs, lemons and olive oil enhancing the regional produce and all coming together to create something that is simply stunning especially when eaten amongst the aromas of the islands beautiful outdoors.

Marco Polo Café in Rhodes old town is only open during the tourist season but does serve some of the best seafood on the island, the food is a step up from basic Greek fare and makes the most of all the amazing local ingredients to be found – the particular highlight on the menu are the desserts which although Italian in influence are absolutely stunning.

Lindos is a must see town, the winding streets are perfect for exploring but the real highlight has to be the Acropolis and its 300 steps up to the Temple of Athena; most visitors opt not to do the hard work themselves and take a donkey ride to the top where the views across Rhodes are incredible, once the sightseeing is over the beach on Lindos bay is said to be one of the best on the island.

Rhodes island is simply the best playground for all lovers of water activities, the west coast is particularly good for surfing and kitesurfing and the waters around the island give great opportunities for snorkelling and diving. For those a little less active the beaches are fabulous for sunbathing, particularly the unspoilt Prasonisi area where the sandy beaches are often only used by the windsurfers.

Not traditionally a winter destination the holiday season in Rhodes runs from March until early October, the temperature during these months ranges from 23-30C peaking during July and August, rain is possible during September but the temperatures still generally remain pleasant. The winter months are generally mild although they can be stormy – independent travellers may choose to travel at this time but many resort facilities will be closed, although the beauty of the island always remains.