Perth Flights

Laid back Perth with its lush civic spaces is perhaps the most liveable of all Australia’s beautiful cities.

The Western Australian bush, winding rivers and miles of beautiful coastline all come together to offer a relaxed and friendly lifestyle spread amongst the sprawling suburbs that the city is famed for; don’t be fooled though for at the core of this mellow city beats a heart that resonates with stylish sophistication  – if you want culture, great restaurants and a touch of glamour then Perth is the place to be.

If you want to make your stay in Perth that little bit more special then stay at one of the cities excellent five star hotels; just a stones throw from the Botanical Gardens is the highly regarded Richardson Hotel with its interesting shape and its open airy feel, rooms are decorated in a stylish contemporary way with pale colours and unique artwork filling the spaces – a special hotel in a special city.

Not quite as hard on the budget is the City Waters Motel which sits right on the waterfront, the old fashioned feel to the accommodation just adds to the slightly kitsch charm of the motel, each room has its own tiny kitchen giving it a studio vibe, the great location and great price makes this a definite must for travellers with a more cautious budget.

Seafood is the staple of the Perth cuisine and this is where the best rock lobster (a type of large crayfish) in the world is found, best enjoyed with good company and great wine it is a true taste of Perth and the seafood industry that supports it. Red Cray in Belmont is well known for serving the best that the surrounding waters have to offer; the truly brave try the Chilli Mussel Challenge whilst more sensible diners opt for the fish of the day or one of the amazing crayfish dishes.

Tom’s Kitchen on Shafto Lane serves excellent hearty food at great prices, the city can be an expensive place to dine but stick to great little restaurants like this one and enjoy the best of seasonal produce at prices that seem almost unbelievable.

Nobody can visit Perth and come away without being able to say that they have seen a kangaroo,  the city zoo boasts an area not only dedicated to the kangaroo but where visitors can mingle with them – the pathway takes you through their home and the animals will happily interact with people passing through. If you prefer to see a (almost!) wild kangaroo then the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park just outside the city is home to a large kangaroo community and is where they spend their days grazing and hopping around the greenery.

Experience Perth as it was at the very beginning of colonisation by visiting the Old Mill, built in 1835 you are immediately struck by the sense of calm in this historic landmark, set up to educate as well as entertain the Old Mill identifies the struggles of the past and tackles the parts of history that don’t necessarily cover the area in glory, all presented in a frank and honest manner making this attraction well worth a visit.

The climate in Perth is temperate and has an almost Mediterranean feel, summers are hot and sun filled whilst winters are mild and rainy; it is said that the most beautiful time to see the city is spring (September-November) as it springs back into life after the winter rain has fed the wildflowers allowing them to display their magnificent blooms.

Perth is a glorious city to visit and with its year round programme of events will offer something to tempt any traveller no matter which time of year they choose to visit, making Perth a destination that transcends the weather and offers a great holiday whenever you travel.

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