New York Baby

A city that has graced our screen in many movies and entered heads through many songs, New York is a place that must be visited to be believed. People that have never visited New York often think that the impression we get from movies and TV is over the top. Well, it isn’t. New York is a city that is as busy, as exciting, and as crazy as you’ve been led to believe.

This is a city where you will always be on your feet with so much to see and do you can enjoy a packed itinerary. If you are looking for a relaxing break, this is not the place to go. However, if you want to enjoy adventure, excitement, exploration, and a fabulous experience, New York is the perfect destination.

This is a city that is known for a lot of things, one of which is its plethora of world-famous landmarks. A trip to New York will enable you to explore many of the most famous and iconic buildings and landmarks in the world in one place. Of course, you also have the fabulous culture, entertainment, shopping, and the magic of Broadway to enjoy among other things.

Even if you have never set foot in New York – or the United States for that matter – you will be familiar with this iconic statue. Located on Liberty Island in the city’s harbour and it is visited by huge numbers of people from around the world every year.

It has stood on American soil for well over a century, having been gifted by France in the mid-1880s.

The fabulous Brooklyn Bridge is a sight to behold, and one that many of us have already seen on TV shows and in movies. This is another iconic landmark that took 14 years to complete.

Work began on the bridge in the late 1860s and was opened in 1883. Since then, it has become known across the world thanks to its unique and instantly recognisable design.

This is a building that was made all the more famous thanks to the movie ‘King Kong’ and it is visited by millions of people each year.

Until the construction of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, it had held the title of tallest building in the world. It towers above other New York buildings and monopolises the New York skyline.

This was the holder of the title of the world’s tallest building until the Empire State Building was constructed. This is another landmark that dominates the New York skyline.

It is a fascinating building with a distinctive spire and gargoyles. The interior of the building is truly stunning, so it is well worth a visit.

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