Mykonos Hotels

The Greek island of Mykonos, nestled amongst the Cyclades island group in the Aegean sea is the ideal destination for those looking to combine a cultural coastal break with dazzling nightlife. Despite the strong northerly winds that blow during the summer months, which is where the island gets its nickname from ‘The Island of the winds’, Mykonos is still renowned as one of the most beloved Greek islands. With its whitewashed villas that line the coast, the dramatic granite rocks that make up the cliffs, the sandy bays, the historic landmarks and the islands rich culture, you can see why so many tourists choose to come back to this gem of an island year after year. The lush landscapes of the island enhanced by its subtropical climate encourages a diverse range of plants and trees to grow on Mykonos, including the olive tree, known as one of the most iconic Greek plants.

For a break in one of the original luxury hotels on Mykonos, the Leto Hotel is the green oasis you have been dreaming of. Built in 1956, the hotel has seen many a VIP and we can see why, with its luxurious suites and private beach. If you would prefer a hotel with a view, Myconian Utopia is the destination for you. Set into the rocks above the bay, this intimate hotel features a secluded infinity pool with mesmerizing views out to sea. Hotels within walking distance of the city centre are not difficult to come by, all within minutes of some of the islands main attractions and the bustling nightlight Mykonos is famous for. Hotels with great views, fab rooms and all at a great price, include the PortoBellow Boutique Hotel, The Pelican Hotel and the Porto Mykonos Hotel.

When staying on the island of Mykonos it would be rude not to try the array of fantastic Greek food. The island is famous for its seafood and local delicacies, including spiced sausage flavoured with oregano and olives, a spicy cheese known as Kopanisti and amigdalota, sweets made from almonds.You will find great Greek restaurants on every street in Mkyonos and we would highly recommend M-eating, known to serve some of the best food on the island and Eva’s Garden in the heart of Mykonos Town. If you would prefer to enjoy an off-grid dining experience during your stay on Mkyonos, you will want to dine at Kikis Tavern. Situated just above the beach of Agios Sostis there is no electricity at this restaurant with all the dishes grilled outside on a charcoal barbecue. Finally, if there is one thing you must make the most of on the island of Mykonos, it’s enjoying cocktail whilst overlooking the sea. The Queen of Mykonos is one of the best champagne and cocktail bars on the island, open all day and one that has great atmosphere.

There is plenty to keep you busy on the island of Mykonos. During the day, you can while away the hours exploring many of the ancient landmarks this beautiful island has to offer. One of the most well-known churches on the island is Paraportiani church, dating from the Byzantine era. This whitewashed church with its intricate decorations and awe inspiring views is not to be missed. During a visit to the bustling town of Little Venice with its pretty homes overlooking the sea, you should also make an effort to visit the 16 iconic Windmills of Mykonos. Facing north to source the strong winds that hit the island every year, the majority of these historic windmills were built during the 16th century. Possibly one of the most well-known beaches on Mykonos is Paradise beach, famed for its nude sunbathing. The area around the beach features a vibrant collection of bars and clubs attracting a wave of tourists every day.

Like so many other of the Greek islands, the mild climate allows for tourists to visit Mykonos throughout the year. If you are planning to visit during the party season, you will want to book between June & September, with the temperatures during this period reaching up to 40 degrees. However, one of the best times to visit the island, when the summer crowds have died down is between September & October but when the weather is still warm and you are likely to see blue skies, enjoy al-fresco dining and a dip in the sea.