Munich may be known as the historic capital of Bavaria but it is also the 3rd most populated city in Germany.

The folklore and architecture with its fairytale feel only telling half of this cities tale, for beating under the beautiful exterior is a heart of commerce and industry; this cosmopolitan and vibrant side existing in perfect harmony with the traditions of old.

Dramatic skylines and a charming population make this city a must see destination, honest to a fault the townsfolk have no time for pretension, preferring instead to spend their time appreciating the legacy left behind by their forefathers who knew a thing or two about brewing and enjoying some of the best beers in the world.

Munich has a great range of accommodation, both traditional and modern as befitting a city that has such a feeling of heritage interlocked with the demands of the business world, and no hotel more perfectly brings together these two sides of the city than the Kings Hotel Center; the rooms all boast traditional wooden canopied beds and the breakfast room is totally Bavaria but the central location and modern amenities will please any discerning traveller.

Even the budget rooms in Munich are not as cheap as in some other cities but if you shop around and are prepared to travel at less popular times of year then you may well find a bargain; the perfectly good Adria and Motel One are amongst the more affordable year round options that have great facilities and locations.

Sausages, roast meats, sauerkraut, dumplings, soft boiled beef and suckling pig, is there anything that lends itself more to being washed down by the brilliant local beers? if there is you would struggle to find it – the food and drink compliment each other perfectly and sum up the tradition and heritage of this city; the cuisine is perfectly predictable and all the better for it.

You will be spoilt for choice for restaurants serving great traditional foods and beer but there are some stand out places; Weisses Brauhaus is well known in the city as is Lindwurmstubel where local wines are favoured over the beers – neither of these are expensive and both offer excellent hearty food in a great atmosphere.

Something you might not expect to see in the middle of Bavaria is surfers – head to the Eisbach Stream in the English Garden (Englischer Garten) and prepare to be amazed as surfers ride the waters, the waves may be man made but they still manage to attract world class surfers to the fun filled swells.

Most museums in Munich offer free entry on a Sunday and it is well worth taking a peak at the numerous Art Museums, the Lenbach House Gallery with its collection of Munich Blue Rider School artwork  and the Brandhorst Museum with its fine collection of Modern Art are certainly worth visiting – most Museums are closed on a Monday so it is worth checking the opening times before making arrangements to travel.

Although much warmer during the summer months Munich also experiences thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, this heavy rainfall is the direct result of the close proximity to the Alps which give so much beauty to the region – winters can be harsh but again due the Alp effect the temperatures can suddenly rise and as such are unpredictable in nature.

Munich is a great city break destination with plenty of attractions that can enjoyed during any season no matter how unpredictable the weather may be; there are however certain events that draw in large crowds and the huge tourist influx for Oktoberfest will make booking a room much more difficult, but for those wanting the lively atmosphere of a traditional beer festival there is no better time of year to visit.

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