Majorca All Inclusive Deals

Majorca (Mallorca) is the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands and lies off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean sea. Primarily known as a beach destination the island has far more to offer those that want more than just long lazy days by the sea.

The inland area is filled with mountains and caves with several amazing underground lakes; filled with lush countryside the centre of the island is also home to vineyards that produce the local wines. There may be more to Majorca than beaches but they are also popular for good reason, the dramatic shoreline is filled with sandy beaches, towering cliffs and a backdrop of pine trees; Majorca has many sides, all just waiting to be explored.

Majorca is an incredibly popular destination and as such has a huge variety of accommodation available throughout the island but mainly concentrated in the coastal resorts, most bookings to the island are through tour operators and the choice of accommodation will reflect their current portfolio, however with many more low cost air fares available the number of independent travellers to the island has risen, and with it there has been an increase in the number of privately owned establishments more evenly spread throughout the island.

The small inland villages often have the most attractive accommodation on Majorca and with the wide availability of hire cars can be the perfect base from which to explore all that this glorious island has to offer.

Amazingly there are six Michelin starred restaurants on the island giving Majorca a reputation as a destination with more than fast food and tourist trap restaurants; the food of the region is typically Spanish with seafood paella and Sorbrassada (a highly spiced sausage) being particular local favourites. If you want to eat like the locals then opt for the locally sourced meat, fish and vegetables, of which there are plenty to choose from and will guarantee that you are never disappointed.

Zaranda Sa Torre is a great example of the Michelin starred cuisine on the island – based at the Hilton Hotel in Llucmajor, the surroundings of the converted country house are almost as sublime as the world class food that the chef produces; this restaurant may not be the cheapest option but it is well worth visiting. Bar Nou in Pollensa is said to serve the best paella on Majorca and is where you will often find the locals dining, popular and often busy it is worth waiting to get a table at this great little restaurant.

One of the prettiest journeys on the island is from the capital of Palma to the village of Soller, taken on a vintage train the 17 mile journey passes through mountain tunnels and takes in all the sights and smells of the Majorcan countryside; the original purpose of the train was for the rural farmers to bring their harvests to market but now it transports tourists to Soller which has one of the most charming harbours on the island.

The island is well know for the many species of bird to be found, the salt marshes near to Alcudia are filled with herons, warblers and many species of duck; one of the prime destinations for birdwatching are the cliffs of Fortmentor where it is not unusual to spot one of the majestic Elenora Falcons or the attractive red gulls.

Majorca enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long hot summer days and mild but stormy winters, the peak season of the summer months gives way to a much calmer autumn with days that remain warm  and are perfect for those that want a relaxing holiday without the crowds.

The early part of the year is considered low season with prices to match and although the weather is never guaranteed the beauty of the island in bloom more than compensates and is perfect for those that find less appeal in days sat soaking up the sun.