Experience Amsterdam


There are many wonderful and unique cities to visit around the world, but when you visit Amsterdam you will be in for a truly unique experience. This is a place where you can enjoy everything from natural beauty and relaxed ambience to the seedier yet world-famous world of the Red-Light District. If you want to enjoy a holiday that is diverse and exciting, Amsterdam is definitely a place to visit.

When you come to this city, you will find no shortage of ways to keep yourself entertained. There are many wonderful activities you can engage in when you visit and there are plenty of attractions that will keep you busy. The capital of the Netherlands, this is a place where you can explore the rich history and culture, visit the many places of interest, and take in the unique character of the city.

Dedicated to the artist, Vincent Van Gogh, this museum has been open since 1973 and draws in huge crowds.

If you are a fan of art, history, and culture, this is an excellent place to explore when you come to this city.

Dedicated to Anne Frank, famous for penning her diaries during World War II, this is a fascinating place to visit. It is a writer’s house and biographical museum that provides a sobering experience and gives you a valuable insight into the world of Anne Frank during the war.

Another great choice for art and history lovers, this is another firm favourite amongst the artistic crowd that heads to Amsterdam every year. In the 1600s, the artist both lived and worked in the house where the museum is set up. You can explore some fascinating and wonderful exhibits of his work and that of his contemporaries.

For those with an open mind, a visit to the Red-Light District is a must when you come to Amsterdam. This is a place that is vibrant and exciting and is actually much friendlier than many people imagine.

You will find all sorts here such as brothels, sex shops, and even museums.

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