The Turquoise Coast is well named, with its clear waters and vast bays that are overlooked by hillsides clad in emerald pines. The beauty of this region of southwest Turkey is undeniable and little wonder that the Dalaman region is so popular amongst holidaymakers. Although the area is referred to as Dalaman, the town itself lies inland, with most of the resorts lying in the abundant coastal regions that can be found just a short drive away.

If you want a destination that not only has amazing beaches, breathtaking scenery and ancient sites but that also caters to those looking for something a little more than just a beach holiday, then Dalaman is for you; horse riding, diving and hiking are all readily available, making Dalaman the perfect destination for those that really do want it all.

The Dalaman region takes in well established resorts including Marmaris, Fethiye and Oludeniz, each with their own appeal, where you stay will very much depend on the type of accommodation that you are seeking as well as your budget, however with the vast choice on offer; there will always be something that meets your needs perfectly.

Although certainly not a budget option, Ece Saray Marina and Resort is a beautiful boutique hotel with tasteful luxurious rooms, each one with a view of the marina, the highlight is the rooftop terrace where you can enjoy breakfast and start the day in the most perfect of ways. A more budget friendly option for those with children is the Club Atrium Hotel and Apartments in the lively resort of Marmaris, the rooms although basic offer all that you need, whilst the facilities on site are ideal for all the family, the nearest beach is a short stroll away, whilst the bars and restaurants of the resort are almost on the doorstep – a great choice for those needing somewhere as a base for a sun soaked holiday.

Turkey is known for its great food, relying on the seasonal produce of the region, you can expect to see is lots of fish, lamb and chicken, often served as kebabs, these fresh kebabs have little in common with the British idea of a kebab, marinated meats griddled, and served with local aromatic salads and fluffy breads – absolutely delicious.

Meryemana in Marmaris sums up everything that is fantastic about food of the Dalaman region, this is a restaurant that appeals to the locals as well as tourists, always a clear sign of an authentic taste; be sure to try the meze, mixed starters served with fresh Turkish bread and their own spicy dips, if you want authentic Turkish tastes then this is where they are to be found.

Taking a ‘Blue Cruise’ is a great way to see the true beauty of the Dalaman coastline, running from March until October, they can be found at all the main resorts taking groups for cruises along the shoreline that is inaccessible on foot; idyllic coves, deserted beaches and picture perfect bays provide the perfect backdrop to the gentle trip along the waters, day trips are the norm but the more adventurous might want to take an extended cruise with several nights onboard.

Another highlight to enjoy on your Dalaman holiday is the Dalyan mud baths, wallowing in the warm mud is said to have all sorts of therapeutic benefits; allowing yourself to dry off before immersing yourself in the warm sulphur rich waters to clean off is an odd experience but one that sees crowds of tourists having a great time.

Dalaman has exceptional weather, with the whole of the Turquoise Coast enjoying very long hot summers that suffer little in the way of humidity, the winter months pass very quickly with a mildness that barely seems like winter at all.

However most of the resorts are more limited in facilities between October and April, but those that appreciate all that Dalaman has to offer know that there is far more to this region than the resorts.

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