Costa Blanca

There is no disputing that the Costa Blanca is vibrant and lively. Being the number one holiday destination for many years has ensured that it will always have a place in our hearts but it isn’t necessarily seen as the right holiday destination for everyone. The long strip of white beaches that give this Spanish region its name (White Coast) have seen much development over the years and offer a playground that is almost unrivalled in its popularity.

This isn’t to say that the Costa Blanca is all about lively resorts and excess, and although Benidorm has that side of things nicely covered there are also some beautiful old town hearts that have by large remained untouched by the creeping tide of tourism. Larger than life the Costa Blanca holds onto to its popularity by simply being the best at what it does – embrace it in all its glory and enjoy a holiday with sun drenched days where excess is par for the course.

The summer months can be incredibly busy and pre-booking any accommodation in the Costa Blanca region is essential, huge hotel developments are the norm but it is possible to find smaller more intimate hotels amongst the high rise skyline of the major resorts.

The beaches are the highlight of the resort and no hotel has more stunning views than the Villa Venecia in Benidorm Old Town with its enviable position on the cliffs overlooking the bay. You may not be in Benidorm for the views but whilst enjoying all the fun that the resort has to offer there is nothing to stop you appreciating the beauty of the coast from this small hotel with its stunning roof top terrace.

Spanish food can be excellent, using local ingredients to produce flavoursome tapas dishes, paellas and seafood creations, and even though the Costa Blanca is filled with food that appeals to the mass tourism market it still has its fair share of great places that serve great food to a more discerning crowd.

L’Obrodor in the old town area of Altea is a great example of good Spanish food served without any fuss; although Mediterranean in nature with Italian & French influences the heart of this kitchen lies in Spain, the quality of the food is validated by the number of locals that are to be found dining on the terrace by the light of the setting sun.

It’s big it’s brash and it’s bold but if you’re in Benidorm then you really have to see it, Benidorm Palace is no historic landmark although it certainly is a landmark; boasting the largest stage in Europe this is where Las Vegas comes to the Spanish mainland and puts on a show to remember. There is nothing subtle about this glitzy cabaret venue but when fun is this magical then being subtle is not a necessary requirement, all that is required is that you relax and enjoy the show.

Gaudalest is a short drive inland but is one of the most popular sights in the Costa Blanca region, the mountain village is not so much built on the mountains more that it has become one with the mountain; caves are utilised and ancient buildings are almost a natural part of the mountainside – this is one of the most picturesque villages in Spain and gives a great reward in return for a short drive.

Long hot summers and short mild winters are the way of Costa Blanca, the semi-arid climate can be extremely warm in the summer although the Mediterranean breeze makes the heat feel much more temperate.

The sun shines for 325 days a year with very little rainfall experienced at any time of year; out of peak season the main resorts take on a more subdued personality which along with the mild weather and lower prices can make for a great time of year to visit.

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