Mediterranean Cruises

Cruising around the Med. Idyllic, relaxing and some of the most stunning views possible, it really is a holiday of a lifetime. Today’s cruise ships are so luxurious you’ll almost forget you’re out at sea. With plenty of onboard entertainment and the chance to go sightseeing around some of Europe’s wonderful cities, it really makes for the perfect break. Please check our partner sites for a complete listing on all the latest Mediterranean cruise deals.

Below are just some of the possible Mediterranean cruise destinations available. Enjoy!


With its apparently unending coast and radiant islands, Croatia is popular cruise destination. There’s not much of an easier way to experience the culture and ecological variety of Croatia’s islands than on a ship.There are several different options to cruise or sail around Croatia.Visitors can charter a yacht or sailboat, without or with a captain or hire a cabin and take one of many fantastic gulet cruise holidays that depart weekly from a considerable number of Croatian ports.Visitors can head off on tiny speedboats to make brief trips to local islands or board giant, luxury yachts! There also are numerous day trips on offer taking you from coastal highlights like Split or Dubrovnik to surrounding islands. A traditional seven-day cruise with a navigator, including breakfast and lunch, costs in the region of £500 per person. Most companies offer early booking reductions so if you’d like a great price it is sensible to sign up at least two weeks ahead.


One of the manners of exploring Iceland is by expedition or nature cruises. These cruises in Iceland customarily last for 2 to 10 days and the cruise operators bring visitors to the smaller islands around Iceland. You’ll be fascinated by the enormous bird colonies snuggling on the seaside cliffs and the sea birds as they dive into the water for their fave meal. Or simply admire the amazing glaciated mountains and fjords from a point of view different from inland. As the sunsets, the glow of orange sun rays in the horizon is a sight that may mesmerise you. On a clear winter’s night, you could even see the North Lights as they dance in veils of colours across the sky. Cruising in Iceland will leave you with a beautiful and enduring impression that you cannot stop talking about for coming months.


Cruises in Greece offer an excellent chance for travellers to get a view of the various Greek islands in the absolute best luxury. Taking a cruise in Greece is among the most luxurious methods of spending a holiday and gives you a chance to see many of the islands all in one go. Most Greek cruises are arranged pretty frequently and include five to 6 islands. Summer cruises are preferred so make your booking way ahead. The top season for cruises starts in Apr and lasts until Sep but May and June can get really hot. Cruises in Greece range from one day to 15 days, and have schedules that include visits to the most well-liked Greek islands.

Dependent on the quantity of holiday makers, the cruise ships are variant in size, but come complete with all of the comforts and conveniences. The cruises come supplied with bars, eateries, pools and other interest based activities. All cruise ships are safe and comply with world safety laws. A cruise vacation in Greece permits you to see a large amount of the country. The ships stop at main ports and permit you to ramble the islands, shop, eat, drink, swim at the beaches, and organize visits to well-liked holiday maker spots on the island. Greece scores highly as a cruise destination.


The enormous shore of this pretty Mediterranean country makes for perfect cruises in Turkey. The turquoise waters of Turkey are stuffed with a bays and inlets and are a pot of gold for sea wildlife. Most cruises in Turkey offer water activities as well like snorkeling and underwater diving where holiday makers can experience the underwater life in all its beauty. Preferred harbors where most cruises in Turkey dock include Izmir, esme, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Info , Bozburun, Marmaris, Gcek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Finike, Kemer and Antalya. Most cruises in turkey begin their journey from Istanbul. With an adequate number of halts, cruises in Turkey permit travellers to explore the towns where the cruise is normally docked, with a complete day in hand. From shopping to exploring historic monuments and archaeological ruins and sites, there are a large number of things to occupy you. On board entertainment on cruises in Turkey is fascinating too. Turkey rates very highly as a cruise holiday location.

All the above destinations make wonderful cruise holidays, but there are so many more countries to explore via the seas! Take a look at our partner sites for  a complete and informative list of all cruise holidays