Nile Cruises

It doesn’t come much more tranquil or picturesque than cruising down the Nile. If you’ve never been, we highly recommend it here at BargainTravel4u, and with the size and onboard entertainment  provided by the modern cruise ships, there really is something for everyone.

The River Nile is the longest river in the world at 4,100 miles in length. Located along the Nile banks are the empty and rocky deserts and in contrast the thrilling towns of Aswan and Luxor, home to a few of the oldest and most impressive historic sites.

The Valley of the Kings is a superb collection of crypts, Kom Ombo is home to the Church of Sedek or take a non mandatory excursion to Abu Simbel where you may visit the majestic churches over three thousand years old. The River Nile is the life giving source of Egypt and dominates the landscape leaving a lush, green trail as it twists and turns for miles through the desert. A cruise along the Nile is the ultimate way to find out the magic of the traditional sites set along this impressive river. A Nile Cruise is actually a completely unique way to experience the thrills of Egypt as you set sail from Luxor to Aswan visiting the key places of historic interest set along the Nile.

The expeditions and meals from dinner on the evening you arrive to breakfast on the day on which you disembark are included and a diverse evening entertainment program is offered on most boats. During your on board stay you’ll be accompanied by an Egyptologist and a ship chief. Journeys are often taken in the early morning or late evening to bypass the noon sun. The full excursion program can be a demanding one.

There are 3 differing kinds of boats to choose between when you travel on the Nile, and which you like will rely both on your financial position, and as to whether you need a more plush or luxurious holiday:

Nile Cruise Boats

Travelling on a cruise ship on the Nile is among the classic methods to travel thru Egypt. The cruises run between Aswan and Luxor, and provide a relaxed way to go thru the Nile Valley, giving you an opportunity to watch common Egyptian rustic life as you sail along in addition to visit the numerous famous historic sites and temples in the region.

Felucca Sailboats

Those looking out for a less expensive and more venturesome trip on the Nile will adore sailing on a felucca.These conventional Nile sail boats make for a really relaxing and good way to go, and you sleep on board the ship with your guide and Nubian crew.Feluccas are really basic normal Nile sailboats and make for an intensely relaxing and pleasurable way to go down the brook. The deck of the ship is covered in soft mattresses and cushions and has a canopy that offers shade from the sun.You spend the day relaxing on board the felucca although it slowly sails down the Nile and in the evening the ship will moor along the banks of the Nile where you may sleep under the stars.

Nile Dahabiyas

These bigger sailing craft have been about for centuries now, and wall paintings of similar craft may be seen in traditional Pharaohs ‘ crypts. Today, they supply a lush way to go the Nile in style with just one or two other fortunate visitors.