>Having broken free from the shackles of communism quite recently in 1989, so determined was Prague to be known on the holiday maker map of Europe that UNESCO had to accommodate her name in its illustrious list of global heritage sites.Prague appeals to audiences of each age group, ethnic affiliation and taste.

There’s something for everybody in ever-thoughtful Prague. If youngsters are jubilant at the possibility of being amid the best toys from across the entire world in the planet’s 2nd largest toy museum or touring the town in lovable tiny kiddy trains, the most resolute of girls yield to their weakness on buying exquisite handicrafts in the old fashioned local bazaars of Prague.

If hopeful divas haunt Parizka Street, the fashion station of Prague, fans of classical music worship the ground on which their respected music maestros walked. Art lovers throng this undoubted cultural heaven across the year while honeymooners revel in the romantic mysticism of the place. Prague pumps the adrenaline of the most fervent sports fan, teases the palate of the most informed gourmand lover, entices the most fun-loving youth with her pulsating nightlife and gorges the thirst of the most hearty lager guzzler.

For those looking for tranquility, her silent and wonderful churches, synagogues, wooded parks and beautiful towns dotted with comfortable houses connected to one another by cobblestone trails do the job. For the vociferous, she lets her hair down for them. Really , no other town in Europe could afford a rewarding vacation experience than Prague.

“Prague never lets you to go… Franz Kafka, the famous Jewish writer from Prague announced this of his town. His words ring true nearly a century later on.

If you visit Prague once, you will discover his sensibilities behind his statement. You simply can’t tear your eyes off this wonderful maiden. Ten of the must-see attractions in Prague include : 1] Charles Bridge : Named after one of Prague’s celebrated ruler, King Charles IV, this 14th. Century masterwork of a bridge makes the town full by connecting what the Vltava dissected.

It offers a wonderful view of the churning brook below and of the beautiful town in the distance. Once renowned for its romanticism, it now is excellent for an easy going side by side stroll only in the diminutive hours of the morning or for a candlelight dinner late.

The hubbub of wild activity dominates the hours between dawn and dusk, what with the jostling crowds, street artists pleasing visitors with their clumsy sketches, entertainers brightening up the atmosphere and sellers furiously peddling their decorative wares. Charles Bridge is a sure winner with the devout as lifelike statues of Catholic saints flank each side of the bridge.

2] Petrin Hill Observatory Tower : A tiny of the celeb Eiffel Tower. Standing sixty m tall, this tower from 1891 is perched proudly on top of Petrin Hill ( 1043ft above sea level ) and offers an unique view of all of Prague which makes the effort of climbing 299 steps definitely worth it. In clear climate conditions, the tallest peak of the Czech Republic, the Snezka which is 150 kms away, is obviously detectable from this natural telescope.

Erected amidst the manicured gardens of the hill and trapped by orchards of fresh fruit, it’s a must-see for each nature lover.A clever yet funny maze of mirrors attached to this superb structure and an electrical toy train called the funicular to scale the hill make it a child-friendly option worth exploring. Food lovers will give a thumbs up to the hillside cafe, Nebozizek, located halfway down the peak known for its eclectic fare and fine views.

3] Old City & Square : Old city is the ideal coalition of history and modernity.Besides being a flourishing financial district, it is popular for its huge choice of cafes, cafeterias, bars, shops, markets, studios, museums and entertainment. In the center of the city lies the Old City Square where the flavor of centuries of dramatic history is nearly palpable. An automated fave then and now for staging rallies, political speeches, protests, for public gatherings and revelry. A must visit for all those that fancy an enchanting pony drawn carriage ride at twilight thru the cobblestone streets.

4] astronomic Clock : This medieval treasure situated in Old City is among the oldest, most complicated and complicated pieces of work ever made. In 1410, this wonder was conceived and made up of three parts : an astronomic dial with the sun, moon, stars and planets laid out as in space, an astrological calendar dial complete along with the twelve zodiac signs and a trapdoor from which Christ’s model marches out on the hour, each hour dutifully followed by His twelve Apostles. To understand the brilliance of this brilliant construction, climb it until you get to the roof. We guarantee the view of Prague from 69.5 m above the ground will leave you dumbfounded.

5] Prague Castle : This inspiring monument with a chateau-like feel to it was erected on a massive hill on the left bank of the Vltava and therefore, an impressive gem came to be inserted in Prague’s glittering crown in 1775. No tour of Prague can be whole without a trip to the fairy-tale like castle. An in depth tour would simply take up all day. Not to be missed are slow strolls in the lush green grasslands and a trip to the Castle’s Tower to understand the stunning collage below that’s Prague!