Whether you are a seasoned visitor or yet to sample one of the city’s famous cafes, Amsterdam is a place that infrequently disappoints. Its young, cool atmosphere seeps into each street corner creating a chilled and friendly vibe and visitors are basically welcomed so long as they’re prepared to behave.

The destination is perfect for those searching for a town break as well as visitors expecting to escape the nine-to-five grind and revel in the mythical nightlife on offer. Amsterdam is, above all, a town of culture and boasts numerous great exhibition spaces and art studios including the Rijksmuseum, Wagon Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. No trip to Amsterdam would be thorough without a few hours in one of the city’s famous coffee bars which are for many travellers the main reason for visiting.

Each cafe has its own vibe with some priding themselves on a calming atmosphere and others better suited to huge, loud groups who are searching for something more up-beat. Few Western european towns can party like Amsterdam and once the sun sinks the hub is changed into a reveller’s heaven.

From hedonistic club nights where hundreds flock enjoy the newest beats from Europe’s top DJs, to drinking sophisticated cocktails in posh bars, the town has something to suit each taste. The easiest way to experience Amsterdam is by foot so pull on strong pair of brogues, grab a map and start exploring. Regardless of what your experience of Amsterdam, one thing you will not be unhappy by is the selection of food. Visitors to the town are commonly stunned at the actual number of world cafes offering dishes to suit everybody’s taste.

Where To Eat

If you’re eating out in Amsterdam and need to slot in with the locals there are numerous cafeterias offering Dutch specializations from its famous croquets called ‘vleeskroketten ‘ to the common-or-garden pancake. Historically , Dutch dishes are based mostly on straightforward ingredients such as boiled potatoes, boiled veg and other farmed food products but heavy global influences have made modern meals a little more exotic.

A neat place to begin looking for decent eateries when dining out in Amsterdam are Korte Leidsedwarsstraat and Lange Leidsedwarsstraat which are found close to the Leidseplein. If you’re hungry but uncertain about what you want ramble though these streets and you will without doubt find something to fit your taste from the excess of restaurants on offer. Spuistraat, which runs parallel to Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, is also a good spot for dearer cafes.

A lot of the food in Amsterdam is significantly influenced by Indonesia and almost all of Indonesian eateries in Amsterdam serve Rijsttafel, a collection of little dishes composed of many different types of Indonesian foods. The service in Amsterdam is relaxed, often bordering on lazy, with travellers eating out in Amsterdam often fighting to get a menu or be served swiftly.

But this sometimes depends on the time you are eating and how much you are splashing out on your meal. Tips aren’t compulsory but are sometimes anticipated and salad munchers be warned, the Dutch like their beef and are not so good at catering for people who don’t.

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When To Visit

Amsterdam enjoys a relatively gentle climate with cool winters and mild summers.May to Aug is the ideal time to go if you’d like to catch a glance of the famous tulips. During these months the weather is most trustworthy though the town has been known to wash in sunlight thru Sep and even into early October. Rain is a commonplace occurrence so whatever the time of the year it is suggested that you take some waterproofs. Travelleing to Amsterdam between December and Feb is the coldest time and snow will infrequently fall.Often the city’s temperature dips so low the canals freeze seeing skaters take to the ice. The best prices for Amsterdam flights and accommodation has a tendency to be from late October to early March – bar the holiday season in December.

If it is a party you are after, head to Amsterdam in Apr when the town celebrates its largest holiday, Queen’s Day. – A Museumkaart ( Museum Card ) permits you to go to more than four hundred museums in Holland including twenty-nine in Amsterdam. It is valid for one year and it costs 39.95 ( 22.45 those under twenty-four ).

Things To Remember

– Always be wary to thieves who frequently milk beat visitors on the trains to and from Schiphol Global airfield and the town.

– although it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana in certain cafes it is dangerous and against the law to smoke in public. Consuming alcohol in the streets is also a no-no and may lead to a fine.

– Avoid taking photographs of the prostitutes underwater light district. If they catch you they are probably going to start roaring which can lead to a humiliating scene.

– Don’t walk in the bike lanes and if you hear a cycle bell behind you leap out of the way right away – or expect to be mowed down

.- do not forget to greet shop staff on entering and leaving stores as in Amsterdam it is considered rude to walk out and in without saying anything. – All costs in Holland by law include tax and tips so do not feel required to leave tips everywhere you go. It is unusual to tip taxis.