Beach Holidays

After a stressful few months at work, there is nothing better than relaxing on a beach, drink in hand, with the sun shining down on you. Heaven! Below are just a few options to look at, but check out our partner sites for all the latest deals on short and long haul beach destinations. Happy holidays!

If you like nothing more than lying on the beach and taking in the sun with a jug of sangria, then Portugal is the place for a beach holiday. The Algarve in particular offers the best selection, the longest of which the 4km (2mil) Meia Praia at Lagos. The towns of Lagos, Albufeira and Faro all have local beaches though they can at times get busy in the summer.

If you want your beach holiday on quiet, deserted beaches it’s best to rent a car and drive to one of the many west coast beaches, where you can find quite coves and beaches, many lined and hidden by high cliffs. To the east between Faro and the border with Spain, you’ll find sandy beaches washed by calmer and warmer waters.

There are plenty of idyllic, isolated coves and unspoilt Sardinia beaches for those willing to explore. Beach holidays in Sardinia are particularly popular with watersports enthusiasts, with rewarding water-skiing, windsurfing and surfing. Despite the advent of low-cost airlines, which although they have increased access to (and the popularity of) Sardinia, have also unrealistically raised the expectations of travellers as to what is available outside of the peak season months of June, July and August, often leading to disappointment.

The island does not cater to year round mass “beach holiday” tourism. This is particularly true of the north and east of the island, in the resorts served by the airport at Olbia. One should always research what is open and available in the Sardinian resorts surrounding the airport that you choose to arrive at before you book. Just because the flight looks cheap and the airport that you fly from in the UK is convenient, there may well be a downside at the other end.

Spain is home to some of the finest beaches in the world. From beautiful rocky beaches, to wide stretches of sun-kissed sandy beaches, to beaches that are lined with pubs and bars, Spain has them all. A beach holiday to Spain is the ideal way to relax as the warm temperatures are complemented by the sea breeze, meaning you can bask in the sun’s rays without getting uncomfortably hot.

Popular holiday resorts include Benidorm on the Costa Blanca, Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava and Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol. Even in high season, there are plenty of incredible holiday bargains to be had. Language barriers tend not to be a problem in places such as these as some 12 million Britons visit the country every year and more than 300,000 British expatriates have made Spain their home. You will find that Spanish workers in these resorts will generally speak very good English.

Corsica has literally hundreds of beaches, probably the best in France and several among the best to be found anywhere in the world. Palombagia, Saint Giulia, Calvi, Loto, Saleccia and Saint Restitude beaches are among the beaches that continually get rave reviews. Loto and Saleccia beaches are great if you are looking for seclusion and peace as these beaches are accessed by boat.

North of Calvi there are a string of numerous beaches so if one doesn’t suit just walk onto the next beach. All of the beaches in Corsica are clean and the waters are crystal clear and warm during the summer months. If you are holidaying with children you may want to find out which of the hundreds of beaches have life guards. Twenty five of the numerous beaches currently have life guards in Corsica.

The coastline of Corsica provides ideal conditions for diving and windsurfing amongst other water sports because of the clean waters and Mediterranean temperatures. The beaches in Corsica are rated very highly and because of this is one of the prominent reasons why Corsica attracts visitors worldwide.

Croatia’s main tourist attraction has always been its coastline. The Adriatic coast and islands are lined with amazing beaches, abounding in natural harbours, with its countless bays, ports and marinas. Croatia offers 1.778 kilometres (1.103 miles) of seaside and there are over 1.000 islands to pick from (66 inhabited) with a further 4.012 kilometres (2.487 miles) of seaside.

Croatian beaches are mostly pebbly, rocky and narrow so the coast certainly does not flourish with sandy beaches. However, due to the lack of sand, Croatia’s waters are some of the cleanest in the world, which contributes to a rising number of people choosing to go on a beach holiday in Croatia.

Most official beaches in Croatia have lifeguards and numerous facilities from sports and water-sports facilities to catering facilities, parasols and beach chair rentals.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious hotels, self-catering holidays or campsites, there are numerous Croatian beach holiday havens for visitors to choose from, that range from very affordable (€32) to very pricey (€1800).